Iceball Alt

Ice Ball

Ice Ball ICE (1982) Ice Ball is a modern twist on alley rollers. Players receive a queue of polished plastic balls which are rolled down the alley and off a ramp into baskets to earn points. Different baskets are harder to hit and earn you more points. Its a pretty straight forward but addicting game. …

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Mandalorian Pinball

The Mandalorian Pinball

The Mandalorian Pinball Stern (2021) Play “in a galaxy far, far away.” In this pinball quest, play as The Mandalorian. Team up with allies to protect Grogu against bounty hunters and the Empire. This machine features bounty hunter ambushes, gravity-changing encounters, multi-ball mayhem, and more!

Godzilla Pinball

Godzilla Pinball

Godzilla Pinball Stern (2021) Chaos and destruction will ensue during this Godzilla pinball experience. Become Godzilla and ally with Mothra, Rodan, and Anguirus to battle against invading Xiliens. Conquer Mechagodzilla to become the King of Monsters. This machine features falling skyscrapers, destroyed bridges, custom molded figures, and tons more!

Avengers Hulk Pinball

Hulk – Avengers Pinball

Hulk – Avengers Pinball Stern (1981) The Avengers have entertained audiences in comics and on the big screen for decades. Now the franchise can be enjoyed with pinball! Help the Avengers assemble, and defeat Loki. This machine features the Hulk, and includes a spinning custom molded figure, drop targets, and a spinning Tesseract. This machine …

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Street Fighter 2 Pinball

Street Fighter 2 Pinball

Street Fighter II Pinball Gottlieb (1993) This machine was created by Gottlieb and CAPCOM based on the immensely popular Street Fighter 2 arcade game. The goal is to defeat 12 opponents by making particular shots while the white light with the opponents name is on. When you defeat an opponent you will be rewarded with …

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Buck Rogers Pinball

Buck Rogers Pinball

Buck Rogers Pinball Gottlieb (1980) This pinball game is one of the first electronic pinball machines of the era. It is based off of the 70’s science fiction TV show. This machine features several drop targets, pop bumpers, and features 70’s tone art and sound effects. It certainly is a time capsule.

Shrek pinball machine

Shrek Pinball

Shrek Pinball Stern (2008) Enjoy everyone’s favorite Ogre with pinball! Enjoy all of the characters of the Shrek franchise. See if you can spot all of their figurines in the machine! Enjoy the unique feature of this pinball machine; Donkey’s Mini Playfield – a special area in the machine with its own mini-flippers, ramps, and …

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