Defender Cocktail Table

Defender Cocktail

Defender Cocktail Williams (2012) Defender is a scrolling shooter that was released by Williams in 1981. It is heavily inspired by Space Invaders and Asteroids. Protect civilization from waves of invading aliens while protecting astronauts. If astronauts are captured, they will be converted into mutants which can attack you. Destroy all of the aliens and …

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Space Invaders

Space Invaders

Space Invaders Taito, Midway (1978) Space Invaders is a space-themed shoot’em up. It was developed by Taito in Japan, and distributed by Midway overseas. It is the first fixed shooter and it set the template for the genre. In this game, the player mans a laser to shoot at waves of enemy aliens from behind …

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Asteroids Atari (1979) Asteroids is a space-themed multidirectional shooter which was made by Atari in 1979. It is one of the biggest hits of the golden age of arcade games. In this game, players control a triangular space ship in the middle of an asteroid field. Flying saucers will also fly through this field and …

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Galaga arcade cabinet


Galaga Namco (1981) In this fixed shooter, players control a starship to destroy formations of Galaga Forces in each stage while avoiding enemy projectiles. Occasionally, alien ships will dive at the player’s starship while shooting. If the starship collides with an alien ship or projectile, the player will lose a life. Boss Galaga at the …

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Millipede Atari (1982) Millipede is the sequel to the 1980 classic, Centipede. In this sequel, players ditch the Bug Blaster for an Elf character called the Archer who must defend his mushroom forest from the infestation of gigantic insects. Atari also added new enemies like the Earwig, Bee, Inchworm, Ladybug and much more, each with …

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Centipede Atari (1980) Centipede is a fixed shooter arcade game released by Atari in 1981. Play solo – or with a friend – to control the Bug Blaster to fire darts at centipedes, spiders, fleas, and scorpions. Each enemy has unique movement patterns and requires different strategies. Watch out! If they touch you, you’ll lose …

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