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Everybody’s Arcade

Candy, Community & Games

Our Mission

When we say Game on State is “Everybody’s Arcade”, we mean it. We hope to fill our entertainment space with a diverse and inclusive community who together can enjoy the nostalgic and modern gaming experiences in the heart of downtown Media.  And, when you leave, we want you to go with great memories of the time that you spent with us as well as some candy to remember how sweet it was.

The Game On State Story

Game On State opens its doors every day as a modern twist on a retro video game arcade. Families no longer need to go to the shore for their fill of Skee-ball and candy; it’s here in Media.

After making Delaware County their home for decades, the Rubin family has joined the downtown State Street community in offering a safe and memorable family entertainment experience. Media, long known as Everybody’s Hometown, offers a nostalgic walkable main street with shopping, dining, and festivals. Game On State is a new place for kids and anyone who wants to feel like a kid again.

This is “Everybody’s Arcade.” From the guests to the employees, we welcome the entire community.

The fun is here for lunch breaks, after-school entertainment, business gatherings, and birthday or private parties. Everyone will feel like they have the high score!

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Join Our Team

We are dedicated to maintaining a friendly staff who have a passion for candy and games. If you are interested in working for Game On State, we encourage you to visit us in-store and ask an employee for an application!

Our Partners

Game On State is proud to support the community, and partner with local services and businesses. If you would like to reach out regarding an opportunity for partnership, call 610-566-PLAY or write us a message.

Touchpoint Design

We specialize in creating soul-centered brands built with purpose and impact for passionate small businesses wanting to make a difference.

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Community Integrated Services

Our mission is to empower people with disabilities through individual employment opportunities that foster self-sustainability, equality, and community. Through partnerships with public agencies, businesses, schools, universities, and community organizations CIS works to build a more inclusive, diverse, and equitable workforce.

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